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Let's Go Fishing is my highly anticipated book featuring foreword by Mike Iaconelli.



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Let's Go Fishing

Fishing is an incredible way to spend time alone,

with friends, or with family. It is so relaxing, yet so exciting!

What better way to enjoy being outdoors?


Let's Go Fishing offers an incredible look at the world of fishing through brilliant illustrations and fun text that anglers of all ages love.  You'll be hooked as you learn about freshwater fish and see a diverse group of characters catching them. It'll have you saying...LET'S GO FISHING!

Zoo Dance Party


What do zoo animals do at night when the humans are gone?

When the zookeepers are away, do the animals love to dance and play?

Zoo Dance Party answers these questions while featuring playful text and brilliant illustrations.  The animals come together as friends, putting all their differences aside, as they party the night away and get down with a multitude of dances.  Prepare for a wild night that just might have you shakin’ your tail feathers like an animal until morning.  Though, if you do, please do what the animals forgot to do, clean up after yourself.

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ZDP Cover Photo Final.jpg

"Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks."
                          — Dr. Seuss

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